Bindery Operator 2nd & 3rd Shift: Ferndale, Michigan

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Job ID: 43423
Essential Functions (tasks, duties, responsibilities most important to the success of the job):
o Primary machine operation is cutting and folding; secondary machine is stitching
o Act at all times to assure the highest level of ethics, professionalism and personal performance possible
o Prioritize, and execute job responsibilities to achieve on-time completion
o Act as facilitator of training, learning and development
o Understand job sequence related specifications
o Interact with scheduling & management to facilitate the daily schedule
o Read and understand the Job Ticket and Quality Checklist
o Show consistent leadership by setting good examples
o Willingness to accept direction from supervisors and welcome input from peers to improve quality and performance
o Understand customer quality requirements
o Understand and use final proofs in checking binding attributes
o Possess the ability to work with manufacturing management to achieve company goals including customer satisfaction and company profitability
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (specific minimum competencies required for successful job performance):
o Excellent communication skills
o Ability to speak, read, and write in the English language
o Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills
o Strong attention to detail
o Working successfully in both a team environment and independently
o Ability to perform various binding functions, including: make ready, cutting, perfing, scoring, folding, gluing, stitching and all other aspects as pertaining to the bindery area
o Be able to properly tag and identify loads as well as samples
o Must maintain and follow a maintenance schedule
o Must consistently demonstrate proficiency and understanding in the use of shop floor data collection system (ePace), non-conforming material reports, product inspection reports, quality manual, and standard operating Procedures.
Minimum Qualifications (minimum level of education and experience required to perform the job):
o High school education or equivalent
o Hi-lo certification
o Minimum 3 years in bindery

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